Everything You Need to Know About a Root Canal Procedure

Posted by Dr. Boger on Sep 7 2021, 10:28 PM

Ever suffered from severe long-term toothaches, deep tooth decay, and sensitive teeth? Inside our tooth, there is a pulp chamber where the nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue that support the tooth root during its development are present. When this dental pulp gets infected, this can cause severe dental issues like toothache and infection. 

In order to prevent these dental concerns, it is vital to eliminate these infections to save the tooth from potentially serious consequences like tooth loss.

At Boger Family Dental, we remove this infection through a procedure called root canal therapy, a safe and effective way to preserve the health of your teeth.

About the Root Canal Procedure

The nerve of a tooth is not vital to a tooth's functioning and health once it has fully erupted. These nerves are only responsible for providing sensory feelings to hot or cold temperatures, and their absence does not affect the tooth's functioning. However, if a tooth develops a deep cavity or cracks, bacteria can enter deep inside the tooth, reaching these pulp tissues, leading to abscess if left untreated. This could cause severe pain and swelling and can affect the jawbone as well as overall health. A root canal procedure is one of the best treatment options to save such an abscessed tooth and prevent its removal.

Symptoms of Root Canal Infection

The following symptoms might indicate that you have a root canal infection: 

  • Throbbing, severe toothache
  • Pain while eating food
  • Increased tooth sensitivity 
  • Severe bad breath
  • Swelling of lymph nodes 
  • Facial swelling
  • Persistent fever

If you face any of these issues, it may be because of an abscessed tooth. It is important to get it treated on time to prevent the spread of the infection to the jaw and face and eventual tooth loss. 

At Boger Family Dental, Dr. Zachary I. Boger recommends getting immediate treatment if you experience any of these symptoms. When you reach us with a root canal infection, we will conduct a thorough examination of your mouth and teeth, analyze the presence of the infection, and recommend appropriate treatments to save your teeth.

Root Canal Treatment Procedure

Once our dentist analyzes your dental concern and finalizes the root canal treatment, he makes a small access hole on your affected teeth after administering local anesthesia to remove the debris and infection from the tooth pulp.

Once the debris is removed, we fill the pulp chamber with a rubber-like material, and the access hole is sealed. If it is needed, an antibiotic is injected into the tooth to prevent any reinfection. After cleaning and sealing the tooth, our dentist places a dental crown to prevent any further damage to the weakened tooth without compromising the aesthetics of the teeth. 

If you experience throbbing tooth pains, severe tooth sensitivity, or infection, a root canal treatment can help relieve pain and save your tooth. To learn more, contact Family Dentist in San Jose, CA at 408.286.3229 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Zachary I. Boger. 

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