How Can Lasers be Used for Dental Treatment Procedures?

Posted by Dr. Boger on Mar 23 2021, 07:08 AM

Laser has been used in dentistry for many years now, and it has several applications. Using lasers in dentistry often makes the procedures less painful and minimally invasive, making them more convenient than traditional procedures. Here are some of the prominent uses of lasers in dentistry.

Cavity Treatment

Cavities are caused by the harmful bacteria present in the tartar deposits that get accumulated on the teeth. They are quite common among individuals of all age groups and are one of the most significant oral concerns in children. In conventional procedures, cavities are treated by removing the decay from the cavity and clearing out the tartar deposits using ultrasonic scaling. This process can be slightly uncomfortable due to its invasive nature. As an alternative, we suggest laser cavity treatment, where a highly intense beam of laser is pointed at the microbial deposits to kill the bacteria. The suitable filling material can be used to restore the tooth post laser therapy.

Laser-assisted Periodontal Therapy

Gum disease is often caused by the tartar deposits near the gum line and on the teeth, much like cavities. The toxins released by the bacteria can decay the soft gum tissues and lead to symptoms such as redness, bleeding, discharge of pus, receding gum line, bone deterioration, etc. The conventional way of treating gum disease is by surgically removing the decayed tissues and grafting healthy ones to the receded region. But, using a laser, we can remove the decayed tissues without using surgery or sutures to cover the wounds. A high-intensity laser beam would be directed at the decayed tissues, which would instantly vaporize. The wound underneath would be sealed, thus preventing bleeding or the need for sutures. Post the treatment, the healing period required is minimal.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal infections occur when the oral bacteria enter the central root canal cavity and infect the dental pulp. The conventional means of treating a root canal infection is by extracting the decayed dental pulp by making a hole in the tooth and using dental files to remove it. The more advanced treatment method is by using a laser to eliminate the microbes, making the process less painful and less time-consuming.

Laser Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is used to remove the stains from the teeth surfaces using a whitening gel containing hydrogen peroxide. In laser whitening, we use a more effective whitening gel that is photosensitive - meaning it can be activated using a laser of the right intensity. This makes the procedure quicker and renders more effective results that last for a long time.

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