How is a dental implant placed?

Posted by Dr. Boger on Apr 29 2021, 10:23 PM

Dental implants are often the go-to solution for replacing missing natural teeth. They are highly recommended by dentists from all around the world owing to the numerous advantages they offer. After all that has been talked about dental implants, some may have doubts lingering in their mind, especially about the procedure involved for placing implants. Here’s a brief read that will help you understand this better.

Understanding implants better

A dental implant briefly contains two components, namely the metal implant stud and the tooth-colored ceramic crown. Both these individual parts are held firmly with the help of a connecting abutment. Unlike most other dental restorations, implants are placed directly in the jawbone right in place of the missing tooth. This gives them the necessary stability and strength, making them the closest alternatives to natural teeth.

How is an implant placed?

  • Screening:A thorough screening procedure is one of the main processes of getting a dental implant. During this, the dentist would check your jawbone for possible deterioration, spacing available for inserting the implant, overall state of health, oral health, existing restorations, etc. Panoramic scans and x-rays of the mouth would be taken for diagnostic purposes and to serve as a reference while fabricating the restoration.
  • Initial surgery:Once your candidacy is confirmed for the implantation procedure, the dentist will prepare you for the first surgery. An overall health check will be conducted, and local anesthesia will be given to the oral region. Once the tissues are numb, a small hole will be made in the jawbone in the missing tooth’s place. The implant will be put in it and secured firmly using dental cement. A suitable healing period will be suggested, during which the surrounding jawbone will be allowed to grow around the implant.
  • Prosthetic crown:Once the implant is secured in place, the dentist will schedule the second surgery to place the crown. An abutment will be placed on the implant, and the crown will be attached to it. Before it is fixed permanently, a bite test will be taken to ensure it doesn’t alter your natural bite. Once the alignment is confirmed, it will be bonded permanently to the implant. The dentist will then give you instructions to care for the implant.

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