Pregnancy and Visiting the Dentist

Posted by Dr. Boger on May 28 2021, 06:02 AM

If you are pregnant, you need to take preventive measures to maintain good dental health while being pregnant. Why? Because pregnancy brings a greater risk of tooth decay. Furthermore, you are exposed to morning sickness and too much munching, both of which could stain and damage your teeth. 

While dental care might be scary for expectant mothers, it's essential to maintain oral hygiene, too. And yes, you should visit the dentist even during your pregnancy. The dentist will check your teeth and clean them every six months. 

Are X-Rays Harmful During Pregnancy?

X-rays don't cause any harm during pregnancy. Nevertheless, the dentist will do it only if urgently necessary. If you need to have X-rays, the dentist will make you wear a lead apron just above the abdomen. This is done to protect the baby. The routine X-ray checkups are postponed until the baby is born.

Important Things to Note for Dental Health During Pregnancy

1. The Best Trimesters for Dental Care

It's best to visit your dentist during your first or second trimester. Because these two trimesters go easy on the expectant mothers, serious dental work should be completed during this time. Even though you can visit your dentist during the third trimester, it's best to do so during the first two trimesters to avoid complications.

2. General Checkups Don't Seem to Be Harmful.

Many people believe that visiting the dentist during pregnancy might be harmful. But it is nothing like that. Pregnant women can see dentists to prevent any infections in the mouth without any ill effects. Filling cavities or having crowns placed is safe even during pregnancies. However, cosmetic surgeries should be postponed until after delivery.

While dentists advise regular checkups, they should put that on hold when the third trimester starts. Mothers have to be extra careful from then on. 

3. Medications

Lidocaine is a standard medicine prescribed by dentists but is not allowed for pregnant women. All the complicated surgeries are blocked for the protection of the baby.

Are Anesthetics Safe During Pregnancy?

Anesthesia, even in small amounts, won't do any harm. It just numbs the area where the operation will happen. The dentist will take you through all options, depending on your safety.

Maintaining oral health is essential during pregnancy. Oral health helps in protecting the teeth of mothers to the utmost. On the other hand, knowing what is safe and what is not for babies does help mothers a lot. And dental professionals won't do anything to harm the baby for any reason. 

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