Cerec Single Visit Crowns in San Jose, CA

Cerec Single Visit Crowns in San Jose, CA

In the attempt to save the underlying tooth, dental crowns made of porcelain gives enough strength and support that is no more in the natural tooth and improves the function as well. Now, with advanced technology, crowns can be placed in a single visit with CEREC 3D design and milling system. It saves a lot of time.

How does CEREC crown works?

It takes about two-appointments to place a crown in other procedures. In the first appointment, the tooth is made ready for the crown, and so impressions are taken to send off to the dental lab to create the customized crown. During the interim period, you also need to wear a temporary crown. In the second appointment, the crown is ready and is placed.

But in the CEREC system, the tooth is diagnosed and prepared. The crown is designed, milled, and placed in just a single appointment. 

What is the process of the same-day crown?

To remove decayed or damaged material from the tooth, a portion of the tooth is shaved down, on the sides and top. It creates space for the crown to fit over the tooth occupying the same area as the natural tooth. After that, for CEREC system data, photographs and other measurements are taken. 

The design is made in the system and sent to the CEREC milling station, which takes data and mills and creates your customized crowns. The crown is then placed onto your tooth with a temporary bonding material to test the bite and see if you are satisfied with the fit. Once you feel it's okay, the crown is cemented permanently onto your tooth. 

What are the advantages of same-day crowns?

CEREC system has significant advantages like:

  • It is very convenient as you don't have to wait for two weeks or have two appointments to get a crown placed. The CEREC crowns make everything possible in just a single appointment. 
  • You don't have to wear temporary crowns that aren't even custom fit.
  • You can better preserve your natural teeth as the CEREC system is precise. It can easily let the dentist remove less of the natural tooth to create space for the CEREC crown.
  • The dentist doesn't even have to take any impressions as the CEREC system takes data and measurements and create a crown right within the system. 
  • These crowns are strong and durable.

Find out more about CEREC single-visit crowns as you visit our office. To learn more, contact Family Dentist in San Jose, CA at 408.286.3229 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Zachary I. Boger. 


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