Dental Emergencies in San Jose, CA

Dental Emergencies in San Jose, CA

Dental emergencies are not to be ignored. During dental emergencies, the patient would be taken for quick X-rays to determine the problem and lay out the treatment plan. Some dental emergency cases are toothaches, dental trauma, chipped teeth, swollen gums, broken or lost crowns, broken or lost teeth, etc.

 What are the symptoms that depict you may have a dental emergency?

The symptoms that you might have before a dental emergency are:

  • Your teeth might feel sensitive to acidic beverages such as juices, bottled tea, or sodas, occurring when your teeth nerves feel irritated. The teeth get cold or sweet sensitivity, making it likely to form cavities. Treating the sensitive area and the decayed portion is done by eliminating the sources of sugar and acid.  
  • When your teeth get sensitive towards hot and cold, it probably means your nerves aren’t healthy and need to have a root canal. 
  • If you find any facial swelling, then it is an urgent problem to be treated. You need to visit an emergency dentist as soon as possible.
  • If you see signs of an abscess, then never pop it. It cannot get healed by itself, so it is better to go to the dentist.
  • Other cases can be unexpected ones, like meeting an accident, or getting injured while being involved in active sports.

What does a dental emergency constitute?

Dental emergencies can occur with anyone at any time. The essential thing is not to avoid any dental issues. The prevention steps can help in preventing the risk of dental emergencies. In case, due to some reason you meet an emergency, then the emergency dentist can help you out, providing you with calm and comfortable care. You don’t have to be scared about the treatments provided as well, as the dentist will give you sedation to make you forget about the pain.

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