Tooth Extractions in San Jose, CA

Tooth Extractions in San Jose, CA

In tooth extraction, a tooth is extracted from the gum socket. This procedure is usually carried out by a general dentist, an oral surgeon, or a periodontist.

Extractions are performed for specific reasons, like tooth decay, trauma, or to make space for other teeth that are too crowded in the mouth. Fillings, onlays, crowns, or root canals can treat the decayed or damaged teeth. But in some cases, some teeth are very badly damaged as the decay extends deep under the gum, the tooth is cracked, and so they need to be extracted. Other than that, if they are intended to be saved, then it could risk the health of other teeth. 

How is tooth extraction done?

  • The dentist might recommend you to take antibiotics before the procedure.
  • The area around the tooth is made numb with the help of local anesthesia so that you do not feel much pain.
  • Your dentist loosens the tooth in the gum with the help of a tooth removal instrument called an elevator.
  • Forceps are placed around the tooth, and then the tooth is pulled out from the gum.
  • The dentist then cleans the gum socket and smoothens the gums that are left.

When is it necessary to have a tooth extraction?

There are certain reasons for tooth extraction:

  • If you have an abscess or deep infection in a tooth
  • If you are having an overcrowded or poorly positioned teeth
  • If you are suffering from gum disease that loosens or damages teeth
  • If you go through some tooth injury from trauma
  • If your wisdom teeth are affecting the other teeth creating problems 

How about the healing after tooth extraction?

You should care for the extracted area and wait for it to heal. The dentist will prescribe the necessary antibiotics or other medicines. Consume them on time. Apply a cold compress to curb swelling and pain. Use ice in a towel or a cold pack instead of placing ice directly on the skin.

How to care for your mouth after tooth extraction?

There are some essential steps to be kept in mind after extraction. They are as follows:

  • Try to avoid doing any physical activity for a couple of days.
  • Quit smoking for a while.
  • Chew your food from the other side of the mouth. 
  • Avoid crunchy foods for a week and focus on soft foods like yogurt, soup, avocado, etc.
  • Do not disturb the blood clots by drinking from straws. It can cause severe bleeding and pain. 
  • Do not touch the extracted area with your tongue.
  • Brush and floss from the next day after surgery.


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