Implant Dentistry in San Jose, CA

Implant Dentistry in San Jose, CA

Implants are the closest thing you can get to natural teeth. Dental implants are placed in the jawbone to connect with natural bone creating a solid foundation for constructing one or more artificial teeth. The implant consists of a small titanium post, which is surgically placed into the jawbone underneath gums. Then, the abutment is attached to the post, which connects to the restoration. The restoration or the crown is attached to the abutment to complete the implant.

What are the reasons to choose dental implants?

1. It mimics the natural teeth

Just as your natural teeth have roots to anchor them securely to your jawbone. In the same way, implant teeth are attached to the jawbone. The titanium, which is used in the process, has a unique ability to get fused with the living bone. Implant teeth can help in speaking, eating, and smiling with complete confidence.

2. The longest-lasting tooth replacements 

Dental implants act as a permanent solution to tooth loss. There are various other methods to replace the tooth, including bridgework and removable dentures, but implants last a lifetime, and so has a long-term value.

3. Can prevent bone loss

Bone loss can lead to tooth loss. The bone tissue needs constant stimulation, which helps in rebuilding itself and staying healthy. For jawbone, that constant stimulation comes from the teeth. If a single tooth is lost, the bone underneath it starts melting away.

4. Safe for adjacent natural teeth

Dental implants don’t affect the health of surrounding natural teeth. Dental implants can stand-alone without any need for support from the adjacent natural teeth.

5. Easy to care for

Caring for implant teeth is very necessary. Brushing and flossing them every day is also essential. Good oral hygiene and regular dental visits for professional cleanings and exams can also help in preventing gum disease and ensure your dental implants last over a lifetime.

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