Initial Oral Examinations in San Jose, CA

Initial Oral Examinations in San Jose, CA

Regular dental exams act as a vital part of preventive oral health care. In an initial oral examination, the dentist cleans the teeth and checks for gum disease and cavities. The exam helps in determining any risky oral problems developing and check your face, neck, and mouth to find any kind of abnormalities. A dental exam also includes dental X-rays or some other procedures for diagnosis.

Is oral hygiene important?

Oral hygiene is essential as it helps in removing all the bacteria in the mouth. If bacteria stay in the mouth, it builds up to plaque. When the plaque hardens, and if it is not removed, then it can cause long-term ailments like gingivitis and periodontal disease. By following good dental care habits and regular check-ups, you can have a healthy mouth, and prevent inflammation, decay, infection, and tooth loss.

When should you get a dental exam?

You should get a dental exam once every six months. The dentist can determine how often you need to carry out a dental examination depending on the results. You are made to visit more frequently based on factors like frequency of cavities, smoking, and genetic susceptibility to root and tooth decay or gum disease.

What can you expect when you go for a dental exam?

In a dental exam, at first, the dentist cleans your teeth thoroughly and removes all surface stains and tartar, which need special assistance using professional dental instruments, as removing it is quite harder than plaque. The dentist looks for any signs of tooth decay or gum disease. By taking an X-ray of your mouth, the dentist will get a more detailed summary of your oral health, can also identify any dental problems more closely. 

The dentist will discuss with you the current methods you follow for dental care, such as the number of times you brush your teeth and floss as well, also if you use fluoride toothpaste. In order to promote optimal oral health, the dentist will demonstrate the proper dental care and provide suggestions on improving your oral habits.


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