Pediatric Dental Care in San Jose, CA

Pediatric Dental Care in San Jose, CA

Good oral health habits should be developed at an early stage of a child's life. A pediatric dentist is a dentist who gets specialized training for the dental care of infants and children. There are significant benchmarks for dental development in infants and toddlers.

How can a pediatric dentist help your children?

A pediatric dentist can help you in several ways because: 

  • They are specially trained to put children at ease.
  • They make them understand the importance of preventive dental care.
  • They help in laying the groundwork for excellent oral care in the future.
  • Any problems that arise when permanent teeth come in, they help in making it less severe.
  • They can quickly stop tooth decay.
  • They provide an early evaluation of the alignment of your child's teeth.

When do you need to start taking your kid for a dental visit?

You should seek infant care as soon as your child's first tooth comes in. There are chances that if mothers have poor oral health, then they might pass over the cavity-causing bacteria to their young children. 

As soon as the child reaches five, they should be given regular dental care. Baby teeth start falling out when they are around six or seven years old after that permanent tooth starts emerging, which needs to be maintained well for a lifetime. 

What are the services provided under pediatric care?

Dental services for children include:

Preventive dental care: Your children need to build-up healthy eating habits as that tends to give them healthy teeth. As soon as the child's teeth start erupting, brush them with a soft-bristled toothbrush. As soon as the two teeth touch, flossing should be started for them. You should avoid using fluoride toothpaste for six months old infants. 

Regular cleanings and exams: Children should be regularly taken for checkups to the dentist. They need to understand the importance of brushing and maintenance of their teeth 

Fluoride treatments: to bolster the strength of tooth enamel: Fluoride is an element that is beneficial to your teeth. Excessive and inappropriate intake of fluoride supplements can lead to dental fluorosis.

Jaw: growth assessment is done by the dentist when taken for a checkup.

Emergency treatment: Dental emergencies like a knocked baby tooth or permanent tooth, chipped or fractured permanent tooth are needed to be taken to the hospital immediately. 

Mouth Guards: It is better if children are made to use mouth-guards while playing as it can save them from oral injuries.


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