Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is a dental specialty in which the medications are used to make you feel relaxed. They also minimize your anxiety while being in the dentist's chair for your dental exam or procedure. 

Dental phobia makes you avoid the dental care that is required for your teeth and mouth, to keep them healthy. With the help of sedation dentistry, the dentist can examine, clean, and perform all essential treatments. It is vital for the betterment of your oral health and prevents any further dental issues. 

What are the types of sedation used by dentists?

There are certain types of sedation:

Inhaled Sedation:Your dentists may make you inhale nitrous oxide with the help of a mask to help you relax during your filling or root canal. You aren't put you to sleep by it and also it wears off quite soon.

Oral Sedation:You are given a pill an hour or so before the procedure to make you feel more relaxed. You might need someone to help you reach home, depending on the strength of the sedation you consumed. The dose might be mild or moderate.

IV Sedation: Intravenous or IV sedation will be used if you are going to have a serious procedure. You feel more relaxed soon after it is induced into your body. You will need assistance to go home after the procedure. 

What are the levels of sedation used?

The levels of sedation used are:

Mild sedation: The orally consumed sedations are mild sedation. In this, you stay awake and sleepy in the whole procedure feeling much relaxed and can breathe on your own. Patients get recovered within a few hours. Nitrous oxide inhalation is also a mild to moderate sedation.

Moderate sedation: Moderate sedation would be used for patients who need more prolonged or more complex procedures. The light IV sedation, which is also referred to as conscious sedation is usually the sedation used. In this, you stay awake during the whole procedure, but will also be in a deep state of relaxation. 

Deep Sedation: Deep sedation takes the patient in a state between consciousness and unconsciousness during the procedure. Patients don't remember what the dentist is doing in the procedure and can't respond to commands. It is recommended to accompany someone because driving after the process can be unsafe.


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